Friday, May 20, 2011

fear and post reality at the intersection of art and technology

Thank you all who attended the DASER on May 19. It was truly an engaging evening. Podcasts and videos will soon be available.

Until then, panelist Randall Packer has intiated a few cyber thoughts on his blog ( I have appropriated those words here (as that is what I think he would expect us to do....)

Randall wrote:

"oh, if only every day could be injected with stimulating conversation at the conceptual crossroads of art and technology, especially in this dc art scene where there is such an obsession with objects and materiality (yes, even in the 21st century!). last night at the dazer event, it became clear that when the artist is focused on taking a critical look at our headlong rush into what I refer to as the embrace of the post reality, that this can be construed as a total embrace of fear and paranoia. the history of technology is one of visionary artists and scientists blazing trails for the way we reshape ourselves using technological means. but they are the rarity, and too often what drives industry is pure greed and competition with complete disregard for the technological impact on the human condition. yes, we can lose our soul in this faustian bargain. it was marshall mcluhan who said that only the artist can immunize society against the impact of technology. well, in the post reality, that’s exactly what I intend to do. onward and downward!"

"last night [May 19] robin shannon performed the manifesto for the post reality in american sign language. stunning to see my music and writing performed in this dramatic form of rhythmically stylized sign language. i am now busily in post-production editing the video. it will be up on youtube by next week. special thanks to harry hanbury for his cinematography."

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  1. Always love a good read about my two passions interacting..