Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 16 Community Report

Who did you meet at the March DASER?
Did you hear something that impacted your perspective on your own work or project?  We would like to hear about any potential collaboration that might have formed.  Please share!!!!

Please remember that we open the mic up to the community at each DASER to hear who is doing interesting things between the silos.

A number of people spoke up during the last public share:

Claudia Rousseau is a professor of Art History at the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College.  The Arts Institute of Montgomery College is sponsoring a number of events over the next academic year under the theme “intersections where arts and sciences meet.”  They are looking for people to present.

Aaron Oldenberg’s artwork is in experimental video game design.  His past work has explored the intersections between “rules of religion” and “rules of game design.”  He is now researching chance space music composition through video game design. 

Chuck Divine is a physicist whose personal artwork combines terrestrial landscapes with space telescope images.  He recently had a show at the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis.

Milton Shinberg is interested in art, architecture, biology, and cognitive science and has created a course for Catholic University called Beauty and Brains the cognitive basis of aesthetics as it effects environmental perception.

Sam Hancock is president and executive director of The Emerald Planet, a group that is interested in environmental and economic development and hosts a weekly TV show called TheEmeraldPlanet. They are looking for interns who are interested in video and broadcasting.  They also would like to hear from those who might have a green technique, product, or service to feature on their show as a community service.

Ed Landa is a soil scientist with the US Geological Survey and the University of Maryland. In 2010, they completed a book called Soil and Culture featuring a number of poets, writers and artists including local DC artist Margaret Boozer.

Dorothy Kosinski, director of the Phillips Collection, reported on the recent meeting - Innovation and Design Summit: Exploring the Intersection between Art, Science, and Architecture.  This event was hosted at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. and was co-hosted with the University of Virginia.  February’s DASER panelist and vice president for research at the University of Virginia, Thomas Skalak was an active lead in the development of this program. 

Laurenellen McCann is involved in an interactive social media wiki that focuses on combining data and art in the DC area.  They have created an interactive archive called ArtAround which can be found at

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